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“Developing a Complete Marketing Strategy”

Get this eBook to learn step-by-step how to create a formalized strategic marketing plan for your business.

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“How to Attract 50% More Customers Using Social Media”

This eBook will provide an introduction to paid social media and organic outreach. Plus, it will teach you how to can use social media to impact your business.

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Do you love webinars but constantly forget to attend them? Here are all the webinars that 46Mile has done to date that you can watch instantly, so go ahead and watch one!


Do you know who your perfect customers are? Find out how to determine your target audience with research and how to provide them tailored content. To learn more watch this webinar.

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By tapping into the potential of social media, you can successfully market your products and services to the people that want and need them. Learn how to generate leads that turn into customers and how to turn those customers into brand loyalists in this webinar.

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If you’re suffering from high turnover, having an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can reduce your attrition rates up to 65%. This webinar addresses how to solve symptoms of culture problems by developing an EVP.

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Are you realizing that it may be time for a new website, but going through the redesign process seems like a daunting task? We will outline this process in our webinar to make your website refresh as simple as possible.

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