Which ad brought the most traffic through your doors? Do your customers keep coming back…as much as you’d like? Do you know who your customer is? You might be surprised at the answer. We can help you find it. We have access to some of the best information databases and our research team is curious and savvy. They never stop asking questions. Where does your customer live? How much do they make? What media do they consume? What kind of car do they drive? It doesn’t stop there. They know your competitors and your industry. It’s awesome.

If you are looking for Research help, we can assist you with the following:

  • Customer Definition
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Behavior & Perceptions
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market & Industry Analysis
  • Survey Work

We also recommend integrating these 46Mile services with Research:

    You no longer have to guess on where, when or what the message is. We’re confident in the data.

    Research Strategy Within Our Methodology

    To ensure Research strategy is consistent across our methodologies, we've hightlighted (in orange) to show you how it works


    Strategic Planning

    Execution & Optimization

    Understand Your Business

    Customer Definition & Segmentation

    Market & Industry Research

    Competitive Research

    Branded Refinement Consideration

    Channel Marketing Mix

    Social, SEO & Influencer Strategy

    Strategic Alliances

    Integrated Marketing Calendar

    Recommend Customer Target

    Marketing Success Metric / KPIs

    Event Strategy & Preparation

    Community Building Roadmap

    Asset Creation Plan & Budget

    Value Drivers & Messaging Platform

    Paid Media Strategy

    Content Plan

    Crisis Preparedness

    Budget Analysis & Proposal

    Influencer Outreach

    Media Planning and Buying

    Social Media Management

    Direct Mail & Email

    Media Relations (PR)

    Event Planning

    Community Relations

    Website Design, Build & Maintenance

    Ad Campaign & Content Creation


    Brand Refinement

    Media/Crisis Training

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