Recruitment Marketing

Sometimes it takes an outsider to see where the communication is breaking down and bridge that gap.

One of the biggest challenges companies face is the alignment of the management team’s vision and their employees’ values. Major symptoms of misalignment are issues with recruiting and even bigger issues with attrition. It’s ok. You’re not alone. The good news is we’ve seen this a lot and we know just how to fix it. Successful advertising, marketing, and communications is all about people and we love to focus on people.

Steps of an Employee Value Proposition:

  • 1. Employee Survey

    Our research team will construct and deliver an online survey, filled out anonymously by employees. A full report of aggregated data will be delivered and presented to the client and strategy teams.

  • 2. Leadership Workshop

    After the delivery of the survey results, the team will conduct a workshop with leadership and stakeholders to capture their assessment of the values and talents they want their team to harbor in order to succeed and scale.

  • 3. Ideas Presentation

    46Mile will present ideas with proofs of concept and execution strategies. We’ll present these ideas, return with any feedback, and make modifications as needed. The goal here is to find an idea you fall in love with.

  • 4. Implementation Plan Presentation

    Once you’ve fallen in love with an idea, we will map out the entire Employee Value Campaign on one large document with the detailed instructions of implementation.

  • 5. Implementation Plan Execution

    46Mile will update recruiting, hiring, and onboarding documentation. In addition, your strategy team will also help train your HR team and will help leadership implement with current employees..

We also recommend integrating these 46Mile services with Recruitment Marketing:

    As your partner, we recognize that your brand is one of your business’ most critical assets

    Recruitment Marketing

    To ensure Recruitment Marketing strategy is consistent across our methodologies, we've hightlighted (in orange) to show you how it works


    Strategic Planning

    Execution & Optimization

    Understand Your Business

    Customer Definition & Segmentation

    Market & Industry Research

    Competitive Research

    Branded Refinement Consideration

    Channel Marketing Mix

    Social, SEO & Influencer Strategy

    Strategic Alliances

    Integrated Marketing Calendar

    Recommend Customer Target

    Marketing Success Metric / KPIs

    Event Strategy & Preparation

    Community Building Roadmap

    Asset Creation Plan & Budget

    Value Drivers & Messaging Platform

    Paid Media Strategy

    Content Plan

    Crisis Preparedness

    Budget Analysis & Proposal

    Influencer Outreach

    Media Planning and Buying

    Social Media Management

    Direct Mail & Email

    Media Relations (PR)

    Event Planning

    Community Relations

    Website Design, Build & Maintenance

    Ad Campaign & Content Creation


    Brand Refinement

    Media/Crisis Training

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