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Written Webinar Recap of SEO for Business: Fact, Fiction, and the Future

Ilaptop-2557586_1920.jpgf you missed our webinar on August 23rd, don’t stress! We’ve got an awesome recap right here for you to read. Our strategic in-house experts, Jeff Bennett and Kam Thandi, spent the morning talking about everything SEO. If you’re looking for a quick intro to SEO and how it can benefit your business read on or listen to our on-demand recording of the webinar.

SEO History

A great way to start understanding SEO is by learning about its history. With the evolution of technology, SEO has changed. Here is a brief overview of SEO history:

                  1991: Tim Berners-Lee launched the first website ever!

                  1991-1997: Companies created search engines to help “organize the internet”

                  1998: Google was born.

                  2003: Google’s Florida update was released and penalized sites that used SEO spam tactics like keyword                            stuffing.

                 2004 - 2010: Came out with the suggestion box that helps predict what users were looking for. This showed the                  potential for long-tail keyword targeting.

                 2011: The Panda update was released that punished websites with thin content. Basically, this pushed the                              importance of quality content.

                 2012: The Penguin update worked to penalize websites that built poor quality links, were keyword stuffing, and                   were web spam.

                2013: The Hummingbird update is the largest algorithm update google has done. It focused on content context                   versus individual keyword matching.

                2015: Google introduces machine learning algorithm called RankBrain. RankBrain helps with finding content that                 fully answers queries versus having the right keywords.

As you can see SEO evolved from literal keywords to looking at content contextually. Google has always placed the importance of delivering an amazing experience to the user. Now, part of delivering a great experience is having quality content.

What SEO Is and Isn’t (Fact vs. Fiction)

Sometimes it is easier to define what something is by covering what it is not. SEO is not something that provides a quick fix for your business. It is important to start thinking about SEO if your company has never thoughtfully used this tactic. However, do realize that properly managing your SEO is ongoing and never ends. In addition, SEO is not a free channel. To really grow your SEO efforts it takes running ad campaigns and bidding on keywords. If you want to see growth in your SEO, putting money behind this technique is key.

So what is SEO? Alright, SEO is the practice of growing the quality and quantity of traffic going to your website by using organic search. This might be the definition of SEO but it’s important not to just cap it off at a way to grow traffic. SEO helps with all of the following 

                 • Grow online visibility

                 • Build businesses’ online presence 

                 • Focusing on user experience 

                 • Providing great content 


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Watch our webinar, SEO for Business: Fact, Fiction, and the Future.

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What You Can Do For Your Businesses’ SEO

So now that you have a better understanding about SEO, how can you use this for your business? Well one of the easiest ways you can start using SEO to impact your business is by creating meaningful content. Here are 7 tips we suggest you use to better your businesses’ SEO.

1. Set clear business goals and understand your audience’s needs and behaviors.By understanding your audience you can create content that caters to their needs. 

2. Conduct user intent research aka keyword research. Use this information to brainstorm topics that will help your readers. 

3. Design content that is better than your competitors based on a single user intent such as: 

                  • Entertaining 

                  • Inspiring

                  • Credible

                  • Trustworthy

4. Make sure you provide quality content. You can do so by:

                 • Linking to other reputable resources

                 • Fact-checking

                 • Spell and grammar-checking

                • Creating content for humans, not robots

5. Make sure your content is technical error free! Examples of your content working would be:

               • Mobile friendly

               • Loads quickly

               • Included in sitemap

               • Link across site and externally

               • Titles, tags, and URLs are optimized 

6. Distribute your content to your audience and promote it to similar audiences to give search engines a ‘hint’ that your content is live. 

7. Test, measure, tweak, and repeat!

46Mile’s Approach to SEO

So what do our experts think the future of SEO will look like? Our experts believe the future of SEO requires integration of content and social media. All of these channels work together to support each other. Your SEO will provide the structure of what your content needs to provide and social will help to distribute your content. Here’s an example of how all three work together synergistically, SEO needs backlinks, your content creates the links, and social expands on your link building.

SEO, Social, and content work best when they are integrated together. You would be surprised that often these channels get siloed into different work and measurements without taking into account how they influence each other.  Here at 46Mile, we make sure to look at the whole picture holistically in order to help drive results for our clients.

In this webinar, we were only able to cover a couple of tips and the basic fundamentals in 30 minutes. SEO is very complex subject that takes ongoing learning (so keep reading our blog). If you ever need a hand with your SEO, reach out to one of our Strategic Marketing Consultants for a complimentary consultation.


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By Nina Foo | August 30, 2017 |