When should you hire an SEO agency?

Are you thinking about getting some help with your SEO (search engine optimization)? That’s not a bad idea with SEO being so important to your online success. SEO helps your company’s website and content be found by the right people. This is crucial for bringing in new business for your company.

You may be thinking about going ahead and running your own SEO campaign. We think it is admirable when companies are willing to move out of their comfort zone, however, we hate to see marketing dollars going to waste.

In order for SEO to be done correctly it takes a lot of time and dedication. Unless, it makes sense to divert your employees time to build and educate them on SEO, hiring outside help may be the best choice for you. Here are 3 indicators that you should use an SEO agency to help run your campaigns.  

When should you hire an SEO agency?You Need Your Website to Perform Better

Your website is your best salesperson. It works 24/7 and is the first thing your potential customers see. Basically, having a good website is your foundation to your web marketing strategy.

Awesome website design is part of what makes or breaks your website’s potential success. Your website should easily deliver value to your customers and provide them the information they are looking for. Having a clear navigation, store locations, hours of operation, e-books etc. are all important to feature.


If your website is well designed then people should love visiting your site, meaning you should be noticed and rewarded. However, this is not always the case. In order for your website to perform well you need to be acquiring website traffic. If you are not getting enough website traffic then you are going to struggle with only reaching current customers and not generating new leads.

Good SEO can help to solve the issue of having poor website traffic. SEO is really what works to help get your website seen by a greater audience. Without proper SEO your website may not be getting the exposure it needs. There are other marketing tactics you can employ to help get your website to rank but the one that will make the long term difference is SEO.

No Time

Running your SEO is ongoing. Unfortunately, SEO is not a set it and forget it type of marketing tactic. In order, for your SEO to start working it takes a lot of time and attention. Additionally, you need an effective SEO strategy in order to have any of your efforts work.

The reality is if you don’t have the time to dedicate towards your SEO on a regular basis, you’re also doing your company a disservice and potentially wasting your marketing budget as well!

No in-house expertise

You might know the basics of SEO or have the ability to teach yourself by reading lots of articles online but does this mean you’re ready to manage your company’s SEO? The learn as you go tactic is sometimes necessary to getting things accomplished but your businesses success shouldn’t rely on experiments or best guesses.

It’s scary to say but doing SEO poorly can actually hurt your site rather than help it. SEO is very technical and requires a strong background knowledge to best generate results. An example of how you could end up hurting your business is using the wrong types of links for link building to create more authority for your site. Links that are not selected correctly can actually penalize your website and even result in your site being removed from search results.

In marketing especially, we all can’t be experts in everything. More and more, however, the industry is moving towards creating experts in specific marketing functions. When it comes to SEO unless you’re an expert, you might want to reconsider running campaigns yourself.

Need More Results

Going to the experts for help means you are going to see the best results, which is the most important aspect. SEO is so rich with rules that building your knowledge base around the subject is a tall order. Even out of the best of intentions it is entirely possible that you can damage your website’s SEO. Regardless, you will not be able to see as much success as a SEO professional would.

SEO experts have years of experience, have run campaigns thousands of times, and will be able to optimize your efforts. They will be able to give your SEO the constant attention that it needs. Plus, they are tracking your SEO and watching it to make sure you are getting the best results. 

Ultimately, as much as it would be nice that we could do everything we want sometimes the best thing to do is to leave it to the experts. When it comes to SEO giving this task to a seasoned professional who loves SEO is the right decision.

Here at 46Mile we have a whole search and social team that loves SEO. Learning about the latest Google updates is their jam. If you need any help, our experts would love to help improve your SEO and ultimately help grow your business.


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By Nina Foo | August 09, 2017 |