6 Tips To Write Better Social Media Posts

Social media is an indispensable tool for marketing. Simply in this day and age having a good social media presence is a must! So how can you get [...]

By Nina Foo | January 03, 2018 |

Categories: Social Media

[Business News] AmEx Ad Campaign Rewards Listeners

Did you know that 90% of Facebook users watch videos without any sound? The majority of people watching Facebook videos don’t turn the sound on. [...]

By Nina Foo | August 15, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media, Business News

How to Attract Customers Using Social Media Webinar Recap

If you missed our webinar on Wednesday, don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive summary. Our talented Search and Social [...]

By Nina Foo | July 21, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media

Why Your Dental Practice Should Be On Instagram

How do you show off your best work as a cosmetic dentist? Take pictures right? Before and after shots are the quintessential method to show your [...]

By Nina Foo | July 20, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media

Marketing Yourself is Just as Important as Marketing Your Business

It’s important to realize that in the cosmetic surgery industry, your patients are picking you for a reason. Patients need to trust their [...]

By Nina Foo | July 17, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media

The 5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools

As Bill Gates once said, “If you business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” The same goes for social media. [...]

By 46Mile | July 11, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media

By 46Mile | July 07, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media

By 46Mile | June 27, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media

Why Social Media Marketing is Critical for Your Practice

Social media has become a requirement for businesses nowadays. It’s an effective form of marketing that can really help your business. Did you [...]

By Nina Foo | June 26, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media

[Business News] Instagram Makes Business Sponsorships Transparent

Have you ever taken a look at your Instagram feed and wondered if it was a sponsored post or a shout out to an influencer’s favorite brand? [...]

By Nina Foo | June 20, 2017 |

Categories: Social Media, Business News

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