[Business News] Snapchat Releases New Advertising Self-Serve Ad Manager


Snapchat is one of the latest and greatest social media channels. Some people might know it for its fun filters or as the place where you can finally send all the silly pictures and videos you desire.  

Not only has the a channel captured the attention of many millennials, but the company is also seeing a lot of success. In fact, Snapchat Inc. recently released their IPO, February 25th evaluating the company at $23.8 billion. Not too shabby right?


Although, the company saw a great launch with their IPO, Snapchat missed their projected revenue of $158 billion by $8.4 billion. Their revenue gap is attributed to not attracting enough spend from advertisers. Snapchat is competing with Facebook and Google, and products like Facebook stories are also making it difficult for Snapchat to grab advertisers’ money.

So how did Snapchat attack this problem? They created a new product making it easier to advertise on their platform. Snapchat has just released a self-serve Ad Manager.

Using their self-serve Ad Manager now advertisers can buy, manage, optimize, and view analytics all in one place. Some cool features are that you can edit and manage your creative collateral all in the same place, get your ads reviewed by Snap for quality before you launch them, and bidding prices are set by the market.

See what their Ad-Manager looks like here:


(Image source: TechCrunch)

Here’s an awesome snapshot of what the Ad-Manager looks like. It’s a simple platform that makes it easy for anyone to run and manage their campaigns.


(Image Source: Snap)

Take a look here at how Snapchat’s Ad-Manager offers some awesome targeting options that are demographic and psychographic based.

If Snapchat is a channel that your company is using, get excited about these new advertising options. This self-serve platform has just made your job a lot simpler.

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