Are You Holding Your Company Back by Not Hiring an Advertising Agency?

Have you ever been at work and suddenly your boss assigns you a project out of your skill set? It’s happened to the best of us, the company needs something and you find yourself at your computer furiously Googling how to actually complete this project. I think we can all agree that’s not the best work scenario.

StockSnap_VQXYE2ZEHC.jpgThe truth is that when you get projects out of your expertise the final project simply will not compare to the caliber of someone who is an expert on the subject. You may be thinking we are just stating the obvious here, but this happens all the time. More than it should.

Marketing responsibilities in small and medium businesses are often tasks that are assigned to people who are not marketing or advertising experts. You can learn the tools and softwares marketers use and run your own campaigns. However, a good marketing campaign is complex and has multiple components to design and implement. There hits a point when formal training, insider knowledge, and years of experience helps you run more effective campaigns. Agencies have teams of experts who can drive results at a faster rate with higher quality.

Ultimately, if you want your business to grow faster effective advertising and marketing is critical. However, it’s important to realize that “good” advertising will only get you so far. For example running your own advertising could get you more revenue and more leads. On the other hand “great” advertising could lead to more revenue, more qualified leads, brand elevation, virality, and explosive growth.

 Here are 10 reasons why agencies are worth hiring are:

  1. Building your own talented team costs too much 
  2. The best creative minds don’t want to work for in-house departments
  3. Agencies are full of experience, we know how to start a project without making mistakes that people doing it for the first time often make 
  4. Have a fresh perspective when looking at your company, there is no bias to get in the way
  5. Get the best strategy for your story, advertising and marketing doesn’t work without a solid strategy, agencies are pros at quickly creating these 
  6. See your campaign up and running in no time. Agencies are fast to act too, which means your on your way to seeing results faster 
  7. Agencies can run tests faster and see better results each time 
  8. Plus agencies invest in data analysis tools that are cost prohibitive for individual companies to subscribe to 
  9. With an agency you’re more likely to hit a homerun. Meaning your advertising performs better and your company sees better numbers and more revenue

The sooner you learn what gets conversions the faster you grow. Agencies are looking at your optimization and checking that your budget is spent as effectively as possible. However, this takes consistent monitoring and an analytical eye. 

It is important to consider the amount of research, planning, designing, and analyzing that goes into successful advertising. Before you assign someone a task that is out of their skill set remember that you can’t expect the same results. Ultimately, in the short term it will save your business money by getting your internal team to do the job, but in the long term you are stunting the potential growth of your business. So don’t drop your standards in hopes of saving some money. Find a great partner to work with that will be there every step of the way to make your company’s goals come to fruition.


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By Nina Foo | June 09, 2017 |

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