7 Top Tools We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year where you start to think about all of the things you are thankful for. As a marketer, I know what I am grateful for the tools that make my day easier. These tools that help make our jobs simpler and don’t ask for any thanks. Well, it’s time to give our tools huge thanks for saving us time, making our lives easier, and so much more. Here are the 7 tools at 46Mile we’re seriously thankful for!

7 top tools we're thankful for this thanksgiving

1. Hubspot

HubspotFor any of my coworkers that know me, they all know I love Hubspot. Hubspot is a customer relationship management tool (CRM). That makes doing marketing and sales simple. Everything you need is on one platform, which makes everything easier and less of a hassle.

Another one of my favorite things about Hubspot is their customer service. I have never interacted with a company that has better customer support than Hubspot. Whether you talk to them over the phone or via email their customer service representatives are well informed and helpful. In fact, I’ve left phone calls with Hubspot happier. It’s amazing!

Plus, as a customer, you get your own representative who you can talk to for more in-depth help. It’s all a really great system that houses the information a marketer would need.

With everything well integrated all in one place, this makes marketing and sales simpler. Not to mention, all of their analytics and dashboards provide a helpful snapshot of how your marketing activities are performing. Plus, when you drill down into the data it’s all at your fingertips.

In fact, it’s difficult for me to convey how great of a tool Hubspot is to have.

2. Google Drive

This might sound like a silly tool to be thankful, but Google Drive makes sharing and storing docs. Easy. In fact, the Google Drive make everything so simple, we forget that it’s a tool that deserves a lot of our thanks.

google driveGoogle Drive is great for our many projects where multiple people and teams are working on the same project. Everything is conveniently stored in the same place. In fact, our CEO believes that nothing should be stored on your desktop or computer. When you have tools like the Google Drive storage why would you use anything else?

By using the Google Drive this means any file is easily accessible from any computer. Not to mention if anything were to happen to your computer, you can take comfort in knowing all of your files are nice and safe.

Plus, Google Drive works well with their awesome tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar etc. We love the editing mode for our blogs because it’s easy to see changes that should be made or converse with each other about specific parts of the content. Not to mention this is helpful for multiple team projects as well.

Overall, Google Drive is an awesome asset that helps us stay organized by having everything in one place.


3. HeyOrca


HeyOrca allows you and your team to easily create and schedule social media posts. You can schedule an entire week or an entire month’s worth of content on the platform. Sure, Hootsuite & Buffer may do that too - but what they don’t do is provide a preview of what the actual posts will look like on each different platform.

They also don’t give you the ability to collaborate with other stakeholders. A unique functionality of HeyOrca is the comment thread feature - which allows you to converse between your team (or with a client) about each post. Think: “Hey Bob, can you change this photo - we need something with fewer bears and more unicorns.”

HeyOrca also makes it simple to have other team members review and edit each other’s work. This helps make the peer review process as easy as possible.

When you’re working at an agency having team member and client feedback is so helpful. It makes the reviewal process quick and painless. This a huge factor as to why HeyOrca is one of the tools was thankful to have.

Managing and planning your social media shouldn’t be complicated. It should be fun! Let HeyOrca free you from boring spreadsheets and make collaboration a breeze.

4. Moz

mozMoz is a great SEO tool because it is so user-friendly. Plus, it’s easy to experts and people just starting out get helpful information that will help their SEO.

Moz has a great keyword explorer that helps people predict the success of their keywords by seeing their monthly search volume, ranking difficulty, organic CTR etc.

In addition, Moz also offers a ton of other great features:

Moz Pro Campaigns: An all-in-one dashboard to track, analyze, and improve SEO Moz Local: Viewing and management of local US business listings Keyword Explorer: Find the best target keywords Open Site Explorer: Research backlinks and compare them with your competitors Crawl Test: Uncover technical SEO issues to quickly improve your on-site SEO

I’m thankful we have Moz as a tool because it makes SEO approachable. SEO is a difficult trait to master but can really help businesses see results.

5. Slack

slackCommunication is huge in getting anything done as a team, which is why Slack is another tool that makes work easier. Slack is an instant chat system that makes chatting with your co-workers simple. Instead of loading up people’s inboxes you can quickly ask a question or send over a file.

Slack is also great for team members that work remotely or are just working from home for the day. It lets you easily communicate with people wherever they are.

Plus, Slack is a great team building tool. Now, this might sound silly but how often do you find yourself sharing one of your co-workers a GIF through Slack? Honestly, it’s more often than I would like to admit, but having that moment to break up the day helps and it makes working fun.

It’s simple to say that we’re grateful to have Slack which makes our inboxes slimmer and our days filled with more laughs.

6. Grammarly

grammarlyGrammarly is a free browser extension that helps keep your grammar on-point. The truth is we’re all human and sometimes need reminders about spelling or comma placement.

Grammarly does this for everything you’re writing on the internet. It’s basically like having spelling and grammar check everywhere you are writing anything.

So, you’re now saved from embarrassing emails or social media posts with mistakes. It’s a great tool to keep you looking professional and smart without having to worry about it. Now, I would never suggest giving up proofreading because you have Grammarly.

However, this tool definitely catches the small things that you may neglect to notice. Grammarly is something that makes your day-to-day writing just that much better. It’s definitely a tool that I’m thankful is there to catch my small mistakes.

7. Trello

images.jpgIf you like making lists Trello is a great tool for you. Trello is a productivity platform that helps teams organize and prioritize their projects.

Trello can assign people cards, create due dates, color code cards, etc. Being organized and being able to visually see what needs to get done each day is helpful. This platform helps manage teams and keep projects on track.

One of my favorite things about adding due dates to cards is they automatically change color based on the status. If it’s close to being due it’s yellow and if you’re past due the color turns red, however, once the task is completed the color turns green. The color coding gives you a visual picture of each task’s priority.

Staying organized is key to getting a project done. This is great for teams too because you can see what has been completed or comment on tasks.

Trello really helps us stay organized, on-task, and properly prioritizing work. Overall, I’m glad I can go to my Trello board rather than writing out a long list.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for this season. As you can tell, these 7 tools can help make a marketers life a lot easier. If you like these tools or have your own favorites, let us know on social media!

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