6 Tips To Write Better Social Media Posts

Social media is an indispensable tool for marketing. Simply in this day and age having a good social media presence is a must! So how can you get your social media to the next level? By writing strong content for your posts.

The power of good copy can result in increases in likes, shares, and clicks. Here are our 6 tips to write better social media posts.


1. Write To The Point Social Media Posts

Currently, the more you need to read is a huge deterrent. Think about why video is becoming a large part of marketing. People are saying no thanks when it comes to reading a lot of copy.

So, you should apply this to your social media. Although platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn don’t have character limits, you should keep it concise.

One important reason is to think about how your copy looks on mobile. If you a longer post, that is going to look even longer on a smaller screen. With almost 80% of time spent on social media is on mobile devices, you need to accommodate your social media for mobile.

You want people to read what you’re saying on social media. Longer posts often deter viewers from reading your content. One of the best ways to make your posts shorter is re-reading them and think if this copy is as short as it can possibly be.

Here are some tips you can use to make your copy shorter and quicker to the point. 

• Look for synonyms that are shorter such as changing attempt to tried

• Remove filler words such as like or that

• Reduce your use of adjectives and adverbs

2. Make Clear and Interesting Headlines

You need to write titles that clearly communicate what your post, blog, video etc. is about. Remember that this time can be applied to all different types of content

People like knowing what they are getting. If they click your link, they have a good understanding what information they will be reading. However, abstract titles are likely to stop people from any further actions. So start saying goodbye to your click-through-rate (CTR).

Having good titles helps your social media. You want to have titles that help you get engagements and shares. With 80% of people reading headlines rather than all of the copy, it’s important to pick your titles well.

3. Use More Punctuation In Your Social Posts

Yes, we’re getting into grammar here. Using clear punctuation is going to help your copy become easier to read.

In fact, Dan Zarrella a social media scientist found in an experiment that on Twitter that retweets are more likely to contain punctuation than tweets that aren’t retweeted.

I know that we all get into the habit of throwing out periods and commas when we texting or on social media. It’s a more casual forum, but if you want to get better performance start using punctuation.

Adding proper punctuation makes it simpler for readers to understand what you are trying to communicate. An important aspect of social media is to effectively communicate with your audience. A simple way to get off to a strong start is using the right rules when it comes to punctuation.

4. Set Accurate Expectations And Provide Value 

Let people know what they can expect right away. This doesn’t mean you have to give away details or the hook of the story however, you do want people to know what you are providing them.

A great way get people to interact with your posts is give a hint to what the article is about however, remember not to give away all the juicy details! By piquing people’s curiosity and giving them just enough of a hint you’ll find that more people will be clicking and interacting with your posts.

One thing you can learn from social media is people want the upfront truth. People want to get the information you are promising, so make sure that your descriptions are accurate.

5. Don’t Use Social Media For Shameless Self-Promotion

Although, it might be easy to talk about yourself or your company it’s important to keep a balance. It’s as simple as no one likes shameless self-promotion, so provide value to your followers.

Social media is all about being human, so remember to talk to people and start conversations!

To help you stay consistent with balancing your company or personal promotions try and follow the 4-1-1 rule. This rule keeps you in check and providing helpful information to your followers. For every 4 informational posts, you can do 1 soft promotional and 1 hard promotional post.

6. Triple Check Your Grammar Before Posting

This is the simplest tip but the most powerful. With good grammar, you are able to communicate your intent. To have clear, actionable posts you need to people to understand what you want them to do.

Having good grammar helps you communicate but it also will reflect well on your business. The last thing you want is your company to look sloppy.

If you’re like tons of people out there and grammar doesn’t come easily to you, try Grammarly. It helps catch your grammar errors on different platforms.

Writing awesome social media posts is not a simple task. It takes practice and keeping an eye out on what works for your followers and what doesn’t. One of the best things about social media is you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel. If a post consistently gets engagement don’t stop using it.

The more direct and clear your copy can be the more actionable it becomes. Tell us which tip you have found to be the most helpful on any of our social media channels! 

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By Nina Foo | January 03, 2018 |

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