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5 SEO Tools to Help Increase Organic Search Traffic

5 SEO Tools to Help Increase Organic Search TrafficSEO marketers utilize a variety of SEO tools to help increase a website’s organic traffic. From saving time and resources to providing actionable insights and new opportunities, properly utilizing the right SEO tools can boost your SEO efforts.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite SEO tools to help you increase efficiency and effectiveness with your SEO strategy. The tools listed here, with a slight learning curve, can help you make better website decisions to improve overall user experience and in-turn increase rankings on your website.


Price: $99-$599/month

Moz is one of the most user-friendly SEO tools available. It lays out a variety of features in an easy to use dashboard. Some of our favorite features from Moz include:

          • Moz Pro Campaigns: An all-in-one dashboard to track, analyze, and improve SEO

          • Moz Local: Viewing and management of local US business listings

          • Keyword Explorer: Find the best target keywords

          • Open Site Explorer: Research backlinks and compare them with your competitors

          • Crawl Test: Uncover technical SEO issues to quickly improve your on-site SEO

Bonus! The Moz team provides free SEO education, which they’ve titled Whiteboard Fridays on the latest search engine updates and trends. The Moz team not only has built a great product, but they really know their SEO!


Price: $99-$399/month

SEMRush is a robust SEO tool that provides over 20 ways to research your competition. From a competitive keyword analysis to deep-diving into backlinks, SEMRush is one of our favorite tools to spy on competition and uncover new opportunities to focus our SEO efforts on. It also includes competitive and pricing information on paid keywords to help with your paid search efforts. SEMRush also provides a variety of other features that include:

       • Backlink Analysis: Analyze and track you and your competitors’ backlinks

       • Site Audit: Using SEMRush’s proprietary crawler, uncover issues with your technical SEO

       • Domain Analytics: Track a variety of domains in an all-in-one dashboard

       • SEO Content Template: A new feature that allows you to analyze your competition’s content and provide ideas for               higher ranking content

Similar to Moz, SEMRush provides free SEO education through their helpful webinars.

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Price: $99-$999/month

Ahrefs is a powerful research tool that has data for over 300 million different keyword searches, which is the highest amongst the popular SEO tools. Starting as a simple backlink tool, Ahrefs has grown into a tool that is great for analyzing both local and international competition on search engines.

In comparison to the other tools mentioned, Ahrefs has a wider index allowing more search engine data to be pulled in and analyzed. They’ve added a ton of new features that we’ve found some great SEO insights using. These features include:

        • Content Gap: Finding keywords that your competitors rank for but you don’t

       • Content Explorer: Research and develop new content ideas for any topic

       • Rank Tracker: Easily see where your site lands in the search engine results page

       • Backlink Checker: Analyze backlink profiles and discover new backlink opportunities

Check out Ahrefs Blog for some free SEO knowledge that includes tutorials, case studies, and new SEO information from industry experts.

Screaming Frog

Price: $15/month (limited free version available)

Screaming Frog provides a free desktop tool (or a small monthly fee for additional features)

that allows you to crawl your site and uncover on-site elements to improve your website’s

technical SEO.

It collects a wide variety of data, including server errors, link issues, URL redirects, tag issues,

and so much more. Our favorite features include:

      • Desktop Version: You can run a site crawl directly from your desktop

     • Check CSS, JS, and SWF: Provides a robust analysis of your site’s code and structure

     • Broken Link Checker: Quickly find 404 pages and server errors

Screaming Frog provides you a ton of data that you can export into Excel sheets. Be sure to get in contact with our SEO experts if you need help analyzing this endless amount of data!

Google’s Tools

Price: FREE!

Some of the best insight can be found directly from Google. When setup properly, these

platforms can provide you with relevant information directly from the search engine leader.

We’ve combined Google’s tools into one overall tool as they should all be used simultaneously

with one another. Using these together can really help improve your SEO efforts. The best part

is that they are all currently free!

Google Search Console: Allows you to see how Google indexes your site, if you have any penalties, and test your robots.txt file or structured data.

      • Google Analytics: Analyze traffic, content, and user experience on your site to improve site structure and content

     • Google Keyword Planner: Find new keywords based on PPC competition that you can utilize in your on-page content

     • Google Trends: View industry data over time for popular keywords and topic trends

     • Google Alerts: Keep an eye on your brand’s mentions and find new opportunities for backlinking to your website

If you need SEO insight for nothing but your time and effort, definitely check out Google’s free tools!

Utilizing these SEO tools can increase your website’s ranking within search engines. However, the tools are only effective if you can extract meaningful and actionable insights from them. You’ll need to analyze the data from these tools, develop a strategic SEO plan, and act upon those insights to leverage the power of these tools.

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By Kam Thandi | September 06, 2017 |