46Mile Weighs in on the Best Super Bowl Commericals

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and this year our local teams aren’t in it, so why are we still going to watch it? Because, it’s not just the Super Bowl of football, it’s also the Super Bowl of commercials. As marketing and advertising pros, we geek out over this stuff. Below are some of our team’s favorite and most memorable commercials from past Super Bowls.

Ashley North, Search & Social Media Specialist

Because I eat, breathe and sleep all things social media – I’m obsessed with any campaign that has instant virality. This is why my #1 Super Bowl commercial is Pepsi’s iconic 1992 spot with Cindy Crawford. To this day, people still remember that commercial. This spot was groundbreaking for obvious reasons, but the cheekiness of the line that the boys are really just ogling the newly redesigned can (and not Cindy) is what makes this commercial stand out from the pack. The best news? Cindy’s coming back for this year’s Super Bowl to recreate that classic Pepsi commercial. Talk about ultimate staying power!



Devin Schneider, Client Success Manager

The notorious Quesalupa commercial of 2016 is my favorite for obvious reasons. Taco Bell has always been known for its impeccable targeting to Millennials and Gen Z. I mean, fourth meal…. c’mon that’s what I lived on in college. Anyway……Taco Bell left their nostalgic millennials behind and went straight for Gen Z with this one. The commercial basically encompassed everything “cool” in 2016. From those ridiculous hoverboards to Tinder to man buns. Taco Bell dropped about $5 Million dollars on a 30-second spot just to have their product available for a limited time. They even had a blind pre-order! No, I am not joking. For the first time ever, they allowed fans to blindly pre-order their product just so they could get it ahead of the national release. If that is not true fast food fashion, then I don’t know what is. Not to fret, according to livingmas.com, the Quesalupa is rumored to make a splash return in Fall of 2018.



Tish Pasqual, Research & Media Manager

I loved Volkswagen commercial, where the little boy is dressed like Darth Vader and he is trying to command the world with his powers. He finally has success, by waving his hands and turning to his father’s Volkswagen, and the lightheads instantly turnon. It reminds me of a little boy who lived across the street from us, who thought he could make the garage door go up and down with those same powers. It only worked when we were around, of course!



Anna Seskind, Client Success Manager

My favorite super bowl ad is Reebok's 2003 "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker" spot. Although the ad only aired once on national TV, it went viral following the Superbowl and was downloaded from Reebok's website millions of times. I think a big part of this campaign's success is due to its relatability. It's fun to imagine Terrible Terry Tate patrolling our office and "giving out the pain" to anyone making workplace infractions.







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