What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

In the digital world, things can get confusing quickly. Especially, if you’re not working in this field every day. Topics like search engine [...]

By Nina Foo | March 01, 2018 |

Categories: SEM, SEO

What Is Integrated Marketing? 

Times are changing. With the rapid development of new technology, marketing professionals are now faced with thinking outside of the traditional [...]

By Nina Foo | February 21, 2018 |

Categories: IMC

4 Social Media Updates We Love To Use

In the world of social media, platforms are constantly making updates and changes. Sometimes, we have a love/hate relationship with these changes.

By Nina Foo | February 13, 2018 |

Categories: Social Media

Learn The 9 Advantages Of Working With A Digital Agency

It’s the age-old question that many businesses face, deciding whether or not they have the internal resources and expertise to take on a digital [...]

By Nina Foo | February 07, 2018 |

Categories: Working With an Agency

6 PR Tips For Crisis Management

Our 46Mile President, Chris Raniere, and Fineman PR's Executive Vice President, Travis Taylor, co-authored this article that was featured in [...]

By 46Mile | February 02, 2018 |

Categories: PR

46Mile Weighs in on the Best Super Bowl Commericals

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and this year our local teams aren’t in it, so why are we still going to watch it? Because, it’s not just the Super [...]

By 46Mile | February 01, 2018 |

Categories: 46Mile

The Top 8 Reasons Why Businesses Need SEO

Google hasn’t revealed the precise numbers, but it’s estimated that over 1 billion searches are done daily. On top of that 20% of those searches [...]

By Nina Foo | January 31, 2018 |

Categories: SEM, SEO

5 Benefits Of Your Business Doing Research

We’re living in a time where information is easily accessible. Don’t you love that when you have a burning question or want to put an end to a [...]

By Nina Foo | January 24, 2018 |

Categories: Audience Research

7 Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Marketing Agency

So you’ve made the decision that it’s time to get marketing agency to help grow your business. Now, you’ve found yourself in a sea of decision [...]

By Nina Foo | January 17, 2018 |

Categories: Working With an Agency

Why Your Marketing Needs Good Messaging

Successful marketing takes making the right moves from the beginning to the end. Making eye-catching ads is only one half of the equation. When [...]

By Nina Foo | January 10, 2018 |

Categories: Uncategorized

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